The most electrifying experience to be had in British jazz.

– The Telegraph

If any piano trio is primed to inherit the spirit, if not the letter, this may be it.

Emerging from London’s Loop collective, Phronesis is built around Høiby’s compositions, anchored on powerful bass figures that mesh with Neame’s lavish melodic lines and Eger’s accomplished rhythmic architecture to create a band signature that has immediate impact.

Their third album Alive (Edition), was chosen as ‘Jazz Album of the Year’ by Jazzwise and MOJO Magazines. Phronesis have just released their fourth album, Walking Dark (Edition) described as full of "complex, tumbling riffs played with irresistible, headlong momentum and leaping joie de vivre" (BBC)

The energy and individuality of Phronesis comes from an extraordinary democracy of expression and intuitive empathy between the musicians - British pianist Ivo Neame and Swedish drummer Anton Eger come together with Høiby to create a propulsive groove-driven sound that is utterly accessible despite its underlying complexity. “Phronesis have a precocious compositional strength, hitching striking themes to engaging grooves; they have improv virtuosity to spare, but never show off, and make light of travelling the most devious rhythmic routes." – the Guardian

Young, London-based trio Phronesis have become the standard bearers of the new generation of piano trios inspired by the late Esbjörn Svensson’s influential EST.

– The Irish Times