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Frequently Asked Questions



How did this award come about?

This award came about from a mutual commitment to supporting the careers and creative potential of jazz and improvising musicians on the island of Ireland, in particular female instrumentalists and composers which are underrepresented in this genre.

Who is on the judging panel?

The Panel consists of composer/ broadcaster and former director Galway Arts Festival Ellen Cranitch, music programmer and talent development manager with Serious UK Rob Farhat, musician, composer, producer and Chairperson of Jazz Promotion Network Kim Macari, saxophonist, composer and educator Trish Clowes, award winning composer and conductor Brian Irvine as well as Director of IMC Kenneth Killeen, and Moving on Music Creative Producer Paula McColl.

How are the award winners selected?

Applications will be assessed by a panel of music industry professionals and composers.

All applications are assessed against criteria of;

a) Examples of artistic merit

b) How they meet the objectives and priorities of the award

c) Feasibility and potential of artist and project


Are there any age restrictions?

Applicants must be over the age of 18 at the time of applying for the commission, but aside from that there are no restrictions.

Is this award for emerging or established artists?

This award is available to artists at any stage of their career, however it is preferable that they can provide us with at least one score, and samples of a live or recorded performance.

What do you mean by ‘resident’ in Ireland, if not Irish born?

The composer must have been resident in Ireland (North or South) for at least 18 months at the time of application. While we do not require proof of this, we would expect to see examples of collaboration, performance or education in Ireland to demonstrate a connection and interest with the music scene here.

Can students apply?


Do I need to have specific named musicians at this application stage?

No, but you must specify instrumentation for future performance plans. The performance ensemble for your composition must be duo, trio or quartet (small ensemble) only.

I do not have any written material to upload (ie. score)

The preference is to submit one previously composed score as a sample of your capabilities, however you may still apply if you can provide evidence of strong compositional capabilities through recorded music.

What do you mean by ‘creative improvised music’?

Creative improvised music refers to all [and any?] improvised music that may not fit neatly into any of the styles or sub-genres of jazz. It may feature elements of experimental, contemporary or other music. Proposed commissions should have an element of pre-composed music alongside any improvisatory sections.

Do I need to have a musical score ready in order to apply?

We are looking for samples of previous work, and a previously written score would ideally be submitted as part of your application, however the commission is to create new work, therefore you do not need to write new music at this point in order to submit your application.

Which formats of scores do you accept?

Please submit your sample of a previously composed score as a PDF document where possible.

What supporting material must I submit with my application?

You are required to submit a one page CV via the application form, as well URL links and/or file uploads of live or recorded samples of your work, and ideally, a sample of a previously composed score.

Can I present existing music which I have re-harmonized as my new commissioned work?

No, we will only accept new original works composed for this purpose on receipt of the commission award.


Please email us at admin [at] improvisedmusic [dot] ie if you have any remaining questions.