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To find upcoming concerts in Dublin and around Ireland, learn more about about Irish jazz festivals, or to explore news, music and projects from the improvising music community in Ireland, have a look through our audience portal below.


→ IMC Events
Find details on upcoming concerts and events presented by IMC. Our new series of Piece by Piece is airing on Fridays from December to January

→ Online Events
Some of IMC’s online events are still available for you to enjoy. Explore concerts from interconnected, experimental improvisations of Piece by Piece to the multi-cultural and family-friendly exuberance of Hotter than July.

→ IMC Festivals
Learn more about IMC’s regular festivals, with types of music for all curious ears - the best up-and-coming European jazz at 12 Points all the way to world music for all the family at Hotter than July.

→ Scene Listings
Your handy guide to all the great jazz and improvised music concerts and events coming up in Dublin and around Ireland.

→ Album Listings
Find some new favourite music by checking out our list of great albums, and support Irish artists if you buy! We also have a special list of albums featuring artist from our 12 Points Festival over the last number of years: → 12 Points Album Listings

→ Give the gift of music
Support Irish music and musicians by giving the gift of music this holiday season, with a huge range of things from Ireland's creative music-makers.


→ News
Explore news, projects, and releases from IMC and the Irish jazz and improvised music world, along with interviews with artists, programmers and more.

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Sign up to our monthly public newsletter to receive updates on our events, projects, and other concert recommendations.

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If you can’t find the information you are looking for, you can contact us directly at these details, or also keep up-to-date with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube.


→ Artists
Learn more about Irish jazz, world music and improvising musicians through our searchable artist pages.

→ Q&As
Check out our interviews and chats with musicians and other industry members, exploring why people make music, the characteristics of style, musical inspiration and much more.

→ Podcasts
Check out our podcasts, including our Wax On series which explores the jazz greats from Charlie Parker to Billie Holiday - insightful discussions from jazz musicians hosted by Cormac Larkin.

→ Spotify
Our Spotify has a collection of eclectic playlists, curated by us and artists we’re working with - you can find our main playlist This is Irish Jazz’, check out some classic jazz songs in versions by Irish artists or explore the musicians who have influenced. on some top Irish acts.