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Vienna, Austria

Combining an all-female horn and rhythm section with a solitary male pianist, Austrian quintet chuffDRONE are the epitome of multifacetedness. Almost impossible to pin down, the music bubbles and swirls, rumbles and reverberates. Full of twists and turns with a particularly strong dynamic between the chamber-esque reeds of Lisa Hofmaninger & Astrid Wiesinger underpinned by a vibrant rhythm section in Judith Schwarz (drums) and Judith Ferstl (bass), chuffDRONE have a somewhat old school, democratic approach to writing and it shows in the harmonic melodic lines, the strong dialogue between band members and a sense that each is collectively working for groove. The influences here are broad, from quieter introspective pieces in which pianist Hubert Gredler shines with sophisticated and imaginative lines in concert with the rhythm section, to upbeat balkanique infused material. Add in some chamber pop, occasional tribal rhythms and a multitude of flourishes from each of the protagonists; this is a quintet with a lot to say.