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Kompost 3

Vienna, Austria

International Bremen Jazz Award winners Kompost3 create “state-of-the-art jazz with a penchant for driving beats and fantastical composition”, according to Austrian newspaper Wiener Zeitung. They’re not wrong. Featuring a 12 Points alumnus in the form of drummer Lukas König, who dazzled in a powdered blue suit and drumset with the Zappaesque duo Koenigleopold in 2013, König carries his absurdly talented inventiveness and ultra-tight beats into the Kompost3 live experience. It must be an Austrian thing. Live, blasted trash-funk grooves emerge from dense soundscapes punctuated by a cornucopia of avant-garde and progressive twists and turns by Eberles trumpet and Omerzell’s various keys. Described by Drumheads as “a delightful, inventive, risk-taking, entertaining, moving musical export from Austria, crowned with awards and esteemed highly by international audiences”, such accolades are easy to fathom. Their unique blend of low-fi, fuzzed out, beat driven sonic blasts are alive; a jumble of countless bits and smears from the king’s table and straight out the gutter, melted together into a single mass. A little funky. Sometimes a LOT funky. Kompost3 is all those things. Sit tight or, if you can’t sit tight, get up and groove. 

Performing at 12 Points on Thursday night at 10:10pm
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