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Pawel Kaczmarczyk’s Audiofeeling

Cracow, Poland

And so to Poland, one of Europe's most individualistic drivers of jazz expression, and yet conspicuously absent in previous editions of 12 Points, pianist Pawel Kaczmarczyk addressed that deficit in fine style, and this 25 year old Krakow native surely stands on the cusp of broader recognition to match his achievements on Poland's thriving jazz scene, where he heralds a new generation inspired by artists like Tomasz Stanko and Krzysztof Komeda. Blocks of colour vie with fleet lyricism and discreetly deployed electronica that show a shrewd understanding of the piano's breadth in jazz today, from EST to Mehldau. Spurred on by the youthful energy of his compatriots, saxophonist Radek Nowicki, drummer Pawel Dobrowolski and bassist Michal Baranski, there's a sense of exploration here that augurs well for the emergence of a future voice of real potency.