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Policy & submissions

IMC has contributed and advised Dublin City Council and the Arts Council on recent policies.

Recent policy submissions we have worked on include:

In 2020, IMC worked with Music Alliance Ireland to advise Dublin City Council on the needs of musicians to be considered for the new Liberties Creative Campus and created a campaign encouraging musicians to respond to Dublin City Council’s survey, advocating for the needs of music.

Dublin needs a home which nurtures the creation of music, develops its excellence and celebrates the people who make it. Dublin needs a space that functions as:

  • An ambitious centre for the musical innovation and excellence
  • Space dedicated to creating music
  • A space to facilitate collaboration
  • Community hub for the music sector
  • Shared resource space

With space for:

  • Performance venue(s)
  • Large ensemble rehearsal
  • Individual composition / Rehearsal studios
  • Recording and post-production
  • Music organisation offices
  • Bar/coffee shop
  • Storage

Which considers:

  • Long lease length
  • 24hr access / Usage
  • Soundproofing / Acoustically treated space
  • With facilities to record / Broadcast
  • High visibility - A cultural asset for the city
  • Central / with good transport links
  • Accessible for all
  • Public access

In 2021, IMC campaigned for jazz music professionals to contribute to the Arts Council’s Music Policy survey. For jazz professionals, it was absolutely essential to contribute specifically to this survey. This was an important and singular opportunity to make jazz voices heard throughout Ireland via this initial consultation phase.

Collectively the jazz community aimed to send the clearest message to the Arts Council to ensure that jazz music, its key practitioners and its core audiences have the strongest and most sustainable position nationally in the years to come and that this specific music art-form is meaningfully accounted for across any Music Policy and Strategy. Working with the National Jazz Forum, IMC also made specific written representations to the Arts Council, considering the needs and role of jazz in the wider Irish music ecology.

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