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Celebrating 30 of Ireland's diverse & distinctive improvisers for 30 years of IMC

IMC's 30/30 programme is a bespoke platform & development programme supporting 30 of Ireland's finest improvisers over a year.

For our 30th anniversary we have selected 30 musicians from across the country who are at the forefront of jazz and creative improvised music in Ireland. Collectively these 30 artists represent the diversity, creativity and dynamism of this music now and into the future. Explore the wealth of talent we have in Ireland with our 30/30 artists.

For a handy intro to our 30/30 artists, check out our guide 'This is Irish Jazz'.

Dana Masters 13 DWJ 21
"Hip cosmopolitan sounds... liberally spiced with bossa nova, downtown jazz, outlier pop, art rock and free improv..."
Aleka headshot 3030
Bianca Gannon
"Bianca’s composition doesn’t just tap into Indonesian musical traditions in order to experiment; it transports tradition into a modern context..."
Bianca Gannon plays Piece by Piece Friday 4th December
Dan Walsh
"...endlessly interesting, pigeonhole-dodging tunes informed by a wide array of musical movements and ideas."
Dan walsh JB LK 1
Eimear Reidy
"Cork-based cellist's vivid playing leaves behind a tantalising mystery... intensely lyrical use of the instrument..."
Eimear reidy thumbnail
Izumi Kimura
"A fearless explorer of the contemporary music landscape... a combination offeral creativity and technical virtuosity."
Izumi Kimura performing at Jazz Connective 2
Laura Hyland
" the post-genre slip stream, weaving folk, improv, art pop and contemporary classical into new material that is soft on the ear but tough as leather.’
Laura hyland 3
Matthew Berrill
" inventive and original musician... style somewhere between Charlie Parker's With Strings & Stan Getz."
Matthew berrill thumbnail
Niwel Tsumbu
"Tsumbu's rich vocabulary encompassed Congolese rumba, flamenco, jazz and European classical threads... set the blood racing."
Niwel tsumbu thumbnail
Paul Dunlea
"A thoughtful and sensitive composer, with a gift for blending instruments to paint pictures in sound."
Paul dunlea thumbnail
Aoife Doyle
"Aoife Doyle combines the guts and vulnerability of a blues singer with the poise and musicianship of a well-schooled jazz artist."
Aoife Doyle at Down With Jazz 2021 facing
Cormac McCarthy
"...individualistic use of Irish traditional music with its lilting strictnesses and sudden bursts of passionate energy introduced via a pronounced jazz filter... excellent."
Cormac Mc Carthy large
Dana Masters
"An acclaimed singer of soul, jazz, gospel, funk and R&B who has toured and performed with Van Morrison."
Dana Masters 13 DWJ 21
Emilie Conway
“A heart stealer with the voice of an angel, smooth, mellow, sincere and deeply connected to both music and lyrics."
Emilie Maeve NCH S Ept 2017
Jamie Thompson
"...graphic and traditional notation, open form, spoken word poetry, electronics, deep groove, experimental music production, and creative improvised music meet."
Jamie thumbnail
Jenny Hallahan
"...a storied and accomplished musician, as a bass player... composes lush soundscapes, meticulously well thought-out..."
Jenny Hallahan midlength
Lina Andonovska
"...brimming with energy and bold textures, though marked throughout by nuance. A name to watch out for."
Lina thumbnail
Matthew Noone
"Noone’s compositions push and pull, bringing peace while challenging the mind. He lifts the listener to a different plane of existence."
Matthew noone thumbnail
Olesya Zdorovetska
"Zdorovetska’s stage presence transformed the poetry into more than just singing; it was theatre, and the emotion was raw."
Olesya thumbnail

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