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Adam Nolan

Adam Nolan is a free jazz saxophonist, producer and rapper from Kilkenny, Ireland. Over the past 5 years he has released many works and has become known as a fearless improviser and risk taker in the jazz world. Elements of free jazz, world music, hip hop and soul go into his melting pot of creative outlets. Striving to create new scenes and landscapes with a bold edge unlike anything currently on the scene. His authenticity comes from his modern approach with old school style concepts and influences. His critically acclaimed album 'Prim and Primal' gained much success in landing him awareness and connections in the US as well as Japan. To date he has released 15 albums and is currently working on new projects frequently, always building to the next level in his craft.

Recently he has introduced hip hop style lyrics and spoken word to the sets bringing awareness to consciousness, meditation mindsets and abstract flow which has helped the specialised free jazz format move into a more modern and accessible experience yet still rebellious and fresh. He plans to tour globally as he has decided to travel to different countries around the world and record albums with those musicians of the area. Each album features different line ups to keep things interesting and for the challenge. His trio seems to change frequently and he is now considering bigger lineups in the next year onwards now that rap vocals have been added to the shows. Form and structure gets in the way of the stories he’s constantly developing. There are shifts in energy if you want to call that a kind of form but usually he’s trying to convey a way of being or a personality or just simply how he’s feeling that particular day depending on a live performance or album recording.

His latest upcoming release GODS PLANET is a solo alto saxophone album. He attempts at creating an emotional spiritual ferocity in a personal imitation of the power and force of the energy of the Universe. This album is only for those who are willing to explore a deeper realm of consciousness. Recorded by the River Nore, an endless stream of the weir flows in the background whilst Adam Nolan attempts to push beyond the limits of his creative mind expressing something only those with the passion of God can experience as is the concept and goal of the album. Releasing on 19th September 2022.

A sax-led improv trio sounds like they spent time with Sonny under the bridge as opposed to time in their native Ireland
Chris Spector, Midwest Record Illinois

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