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Aoife Doyle

Aoife Doyle is originally from Bray, Co. Wicklow now living in Co. Clare. While she has been performing for many years, it was upon moving to the West Coast of Ireland that she found her songwriting voice.

"In Clare I had more quiet time to reflect. The lack of billboards, traffic and other superficial stimulation makes life a lot simpler. I think nature is the most primal form of creativity and living in the country and keeping a garden etc. you're seeing the cycle of creation from seed, to plant, to harvest. Watching this cycle has helped me greatly to understand the nature of creativity as well as the time, attention and care you have to give to gain a fruitful harvest. This learning has facilitated my songwriting."

She grew up in a house steeped in traditional and folk music. Her lifelong love of jazz and blues began as a teenager after hearing Billie Holiday singing 'The Very Thought Of You'. Later discovering the skill and sublime tone of Ella Fitzgerald, Aoife spent time studying jazz at Newpark Music Centre in Dublin where she acquired invaluable knowledge and the inspiration to pursue a life of music and performance.

Aoife has released three albums to date. 'Infinitely Clear' is her second album of original music. It was released in April 2022 on independent label Rannagh Records. The album is a collection of Aoife's own songs and features the singles 'Strength To Be Strong', 'They Say', 'Clare Sky' and 'Love Conquers All'. It was produced by highly regarded musician, arranger, and producer Michael Buckley and features a host of stellar Irish musicians including Aoife's longtime band - Johnny Taylor, Andrew Csibi, Dominic Mullan. 'Infinitely Clear' was Marty Whelan's recommended 'Album Of The Week' on RTE Lyric FM and 'Album Of The Month' on The Acoustic Yard Radio Show. All four singles were crowned ‘Track Of The Day’ by Hotpress Magazine with singles and album alike receiving extensive airplay on international, national, and local radio. 'Infinitely Clear' received a 5 star review from The Irish Times

Aoife's first album of original songs 'Clouds' was released in 2017. This album was the culmination of extensive support from Music Network that included mentoring, artistic development, and touring. Along with her band, she was a featured guest on Carl Corcoran’s 'Blue Of The Shortest Night' on RTE Lyric FM in 2017 where they performed a set on live radio. Aoife has performed extensively in Ireland, playing many festivals, arts centres, and venues. She performed with her band at The IMC's 'Down With Jazz Festival' in September 2021 in Meeting House Square, Templebar.

Aoife was a finalist in the 2021 October Irish Music Month 'Local Hero Song Competition' in association with Hotpress, BAI, Ruby Works, IMRO and RAAP. Aoife has been the recipient of Arts Council Bursary Awards, an Agility Award, and a Professional Development Award from Music Network. She has also received awards from Clare Arts Office. Her unique, expressive voice is equally at home with soul, folk, blues or jazz and can evoke memories of the sophisticated, velvet tones of Ella Fitzgerald, the earthy, sweet lyricism of Patsy Cline or the straight-up country clarity of Alison Krauss.

Infinitely Clear, however, is on a whole other level, a gorgeous confection of jazz, folk, soul and country that will surely bring her the attention she deserves and bears comparison – in sound, in finesse, and in its potential to make a star of its creator – with Norah Jones’s debut album.....Infinitely Clear is a heart-warming gem, a classic in the making from an artist who has found her groove and, one senses, is about to be huge.
The Irish Times

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