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Laura Hyland

Wexford-based composer and vocalist Laura Hyland fuses mixed influences spanning folk song, classical music, jazz and literature into a unique concert experience. Hyland has a Sandy Denny-like classic folk voice and wraps it around timeless lyrics of nature, life, love and mortality as well as settings of texts by Dorothy Parker and other poets.

Her acclaimed group Clang Sayne was founded in 2008 fusing everything from 70's psychedelia, free jazz, sound art, folk song and beyond. Reviewers have dubbed it “an uncategorizable approach to songcraft” (Boomkat), and ‘venturers in the post-genre slip stream, weaving folk, improv, art pop and contemporary classical into new material that is soft on the ear but tough as leather.’ [Cormac Larkin, Irish Times]

Another much-loved project is Wildsong Ensemble - an experimental choir based in Wexford, which emerged from a vocal improvisation project led by Laura with local choir, Rising Voices in 2019-21. At the heart of the choir is the belief that artistic expression is an innate part of being human, and that our world needs more spaces where we can explore our artistry together: Wildsong Ensemble is one such space.

musical alchemist Laura Hyland is an explorer of the hidden paths and less-travelled byways that connect folk and traditional music with contemporary jazz and the avant-garde.
The Irish Times

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