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Lina Andonovska

Curiosity, fearlessness and versatility carry Lina Andonovska’s artistry around the globe. Andonovska is a rare breed in the flute world; a name that you’ll discover on both the pages of Rolling Stone and the Australian Chamber Orchestra roster, she has not only cultivated partnerships with leading artists including Louis Andriessen, Donnacha Dennehy and Claire Chase, but also deep community ties from Timor-Leste to Tokyo’s Wonder Site.

She has recently been appointed as flautist of multiple Grammy Award-winning ensemble Eighth Blackbird. A sought-after collaborator, this season she appears as guest musician with Ensemble Modern, Ensemble Recherche, and stargaze. Equally at home with improvisation and the written page, she is critically acclaimed for her interpretation of new music with Rolling Stone Magazine hailing her performance at Bang On A Can Summer Festival as “superbly played...”

brimming with energy and bold textures, though marked throughout by nuance. A name to watch out for
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