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Taking its name from a line in W.B. Yeats's poem ‘Under the Moon’, Blue-Eyed Hawk is the London-based band that brings together vocalist Lauren Kinsella, trumpeter Laura Jurd, guitarist Alex Roth and drummer Corrie Dick.

They released their debut album, titled after the same poem, in 2014 and it is the sum of a collaborative process that bursts with the youthful energy, vision and integrity of all four members. The resulting music is emotive, lyrical, dark, inspiring and at times unexpected, often conjuring the dreamlike, nature-themed imagery of Yeats's eponymous poem.

Bringing a wide open improv sensibility to its melodic and richly textured original material, Blue-Eyed Hawk creates uniquely eclectic music that traverses art-rock, jazz, minimalist and electronic soundworlds. With the writing shared between all four members of the band, Blue Eyed Hawk is very much a communally crafted statement of expression. Lyrics by E.Y Harburg, W.B Yeats, Armand Silvestre and Seamus Heaney serve as sources of inspiration, but there are no typical jazz renditions; nor can this be considered an art-rock album – instead, we hear a refreshing, genre-defying and boundless approach to music- making at its most creative and original.

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So brilliant everyone in the room was spellbound
BBC Radio 3
What is exciting about a band like this is where it might go. There is a sense both of the individuals being able to speak with authentic voices and being able to contribute to the whole. There has been a river crossed in creating a band aesthetic and a band sound, which can, and hopefully will, go further. The quality of the collaboration – they all appear to get on well, to genuinely want to build and develop something – appears to have put in place the ideal foundation for longer spans, whether they be story-telling though words, or more elaborate compositional structures. They have created the right basis from which to develop. To coin a phrase, watch this spaciousness.
London Jazz

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