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Multi - instrumentalist Cote Calmet has recorded and performed extensively since an early age. Thanks to his family musical influence, he began his musical journey at an early age while growing up in Lima, Peru. His family exposed him to all sorts of styles and genres of music including brazilian, peruvian, salsa, rock, and jazz. This inspired him to start learning guitar and to start playing drums at the age of 15. After only a year of playing, he was accepted to join the the F.D.R School Big Band. By the age of 18, as his music career was just starting to blossom, he was already recording CD’s with local musicians, working as a session drummer with different bands as well as playing live regularly. Calmet's musical personality has always been very wide, he would be considered foremost an improviser but he as well cherishes and has a big fascination for architectural music. He is considered one of the most acclaimed and versatiles drummers in Dublin at the moment as well as being a big force in drums, musical education and composition.

While still a student he was asked to direct his first master class about Rhythm and Performance at The "Universidad Catolica del Peru", which boasts as one of the largest and most renowned music departments in Peru. Additionally to that he composed recorded his debut album "Phisqa" the record went on to be widely acclaimed in Ireland and abroad.

In the last years Cote's career has started to go up with two main projects, The CEO experiment and Manden Express. Piano trio The CEO experiment which just finished recording a CD with acclaimed Irish saxophonist Michael Buckley. The trio is playing extensively playing and has had the pleasure of sharing stage with Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet, Tom Rainey's OBBLIGATO and New Orleans Trumpeter Christian Scott. This band has been tagged as the next step in jazz piano trio in Dublin. African Dance Power band Manden Express has reached the audience from Dublin to African making everybody move to there Malian Rhythms. Manden Express has been acclaimed as a change in music history in Ireland as this fusion was never been seen before.

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one of the most versatile drummers in Ireland.
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What set Phisqa apart from most other contemporary jazz bands was Calmet's transposing of Afro-Peruvian rhythms to his kit, and his effusive, energetic playing was at the center of everything.
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