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Eoghan Neff’s “extreme fiddling” (Folk World) “traces shadows where few fiddlers deign venture” (Irish Times).

Producing an “audio goldmine ... modern Irish soundtrack” (Irish Music Magazine) on his acoustically prepared instrument, his celebrated "demonic and stunning ... incendiary fiddle playing" (IOM Today) and "astounding mastery of live looping" (Folk Radio UK) can be heard across various feature films (by Oscar-winning and Cannes-winning directors), television series (as soundtrack and theme music), independent screen productions (from documentaries to animation), and 20+ albums (from experimental fusion to free improvisation). He has toured as a featured soloist on diverse stages from secluded Scandinavian clubs (Torrek) and Mediterranean cafés (Assembly Point) to packed-out European arenas (Riverdance) and major international festivals (Anxo Lorenzo Band). “If he has sold his soul to the devil to play as he does, he has definitely got the better part of the deal!" (Fatea Magazine).

More About this Artist

“Cinematic in scope … trajectories unpredictable but thoroughly gripping”
Siobhán Long, The Irish Times
“has taken fiddle music as far as it can go – and further! ... could put a Michelin star chef to shame with its complex flavours, its pure ingredients, and its intense explosion on the senses
Alex Monaghan, Folk World
a ready-made modern Irish soundtrack … a salve for ears that ache for flavours new”
Sean Laffey, Irish Music Magazine

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