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Eyolf Dale (born 5 March 1985 in Skien) is a Norwegian jazz pianist and composer residing in Oslo.

Dale started playing piano at the age of 6 years, and started taking lessons shortly after. After finishing his Examen artium on the Music program at Skien videregående skole (2001–04), he worked as a freelance pianist, conductor and arranger in the Grenland area until in 2005 he started his graduate studies in Performing jazz and improvisation at Norwegian Academy of Music (2005–09). There he studied under such as Misha Alperin, Bjørn Kruse and Jon Balke, and completed the master's program (2009–11).

He is working as a musician and composer, solo and in cooperation with other Norwegian and European musicians. He is also an associate professor in jazz at Norwegian Academy of Music.

Dale is a frequently recorded musician and has contributed on most Norwegian jazz festivals and international festivals such as the North Sea Jazz Festival, 12 Points!, Shanghai Arts Festival and Südtirol Jazz Festival. He has also toured and performed in countries such as the US, Germany, Nederlands, Poland, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, England, Ireland, Italy and China.

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