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Jane Hackett is a Dublin born violinist, improvisor and interdisciplinary artist currently based in Vienna.

Her varying career as a violinist ranges from solo, chamber and orchestral playing. She has performed with all of Ireland’s leading orchestras including the Irish Chamber Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra, Camerata Ireland and the RSO Wien in Vienna and made her solo debut with the RTE Concert Orchestra in 2015. She has won several awards, including the RDS Rising Star and has been funded by the Arts Council Ireland, Dublin City Council and South Dublin County Council.

Jane is a member of the chamber ensemble, Musici Ireland and in 2019, co-founded a new chamber collective, ReClassified, bringing classical music into live music venues in Dublin.
She is also a keen arts educator and started her own radio show ‘Kids Classical Club’, receiving mentorship from Enterprise Ireland.

Her own education into the world of jazz and improvisation began in 2009 when she performed solo at the Carthage International World Music Festival in Tunis, fusing genres of traditional Irish, jazz and modern. She has been a member of the contemporary music group, Kirkos Ensemble since 2013 where she has experimented with new ways of exploring contemporary music. She has worked with artists such as Tonnta, David Helbich, Amanda Coogan and Jennifer Walshe and composer, Robert Coleman composed two works for her for violin and electronics. She has recently been selected for the Contemporary Music Centre’s ‘Contemporary Artists Network’ where she will be collaborating with composer, John Buckley.

From working with Kirkos, ICC and CMC, Jane continues to develop her own style of improvisation and art.

After her debut improvisatory performance in early 2020, Jane has created a 3 part set of improvised works entitled ‘Internal Series’ for violin and dancer, with her collaborative dance partner Alice Presencer. Jane performs in Vienna with the interdisciplinary ensemble, Synesthetic Project, exploring light with contemporary sound and movement.

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