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Leo Drezden are a reincarnation of the revered, groove-heavy prog instrumentalists “Rocket Surgery”. They occupy a musical space that blurs the lines between electronica and contemporary jazz-rock arrangements, employing vintage analog synthesisers, samplers, sequencers and drum machines into a four piece rock foundation.

"Multi-Moment" takes inspiration from 70s synth rock, Japanese film scores and the experimental scope of early british electronica.

More About this Artist

Leo Drezden are technically brilliant in their execution - an explosion of sound that flirts with contemporary jazz
The Sunday Times
Leo Drezden is built on a strong bedrock of rhythm that allows complex melodic twists and turns the freedom to expand
The Last Mixed Tape
The instrumental quartet have crafted an exhilarating album that takes in tightly-coiled rock jams packed with melodies and electronic pop that buzzes and gurgles with an insatiable appetite
The Irish Times


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