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Otso Kasperi Mielonen is a bassist, composer and producer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Born into a family of engineers Mielonen has always had an curious eye for what lies beneath the surface and relentless urge to reverse engineer whatever he can get his hands on. Mielonen studied classical upright bass with with Ph.D. Andreas Bennetzen in Copenhagen and then moved to Dublin, Ireland to finish his bachelors in Jazz and Contemporary Music Performance at Dublin City University where he graduated with a first class honours in Composition and Performance.

Mielonen's compositional style is hard to pin down, as it is highly influenced by its surroundings, it takes shapes as it goes while keeping roots in a marriage between composition and improvisation. His approach includes both traditional notation as well as full music productions created out of solo and group improvisations. Mielonen has performed around Ireland as a sideman with some of the finest musicians in Ireland and as a bandleader in some of Ireland's most prestigious jazz festivals, such as Cork Jazz Festival.

During his time in Ireland Mielonen formed his flagship band, Sisucunda and the Entrepreneurs of Survival from the vast array of international Irish-based performers ranging from Germany to Japan.

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Mielonen and his band have managed to keep one foot in traditional standards and the other in leaping forward into new horizons; you get the best of both worlds.
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