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PHISQA: a new language in Jazz

"A Journey" is how Jose "Cote" Calmet defined PHISQA, and it is because of that that PHISQA [five in Quechua, native language of Peru] is not only the harmonious conjunction between five "Jazzman" from different countries [Italy, USA, Peru, Venezuela, Ireland] but also the staging of a new way to merge the rich texture of Afro-Peruvian rhythms and Andean music with finesse, spontaneity and high technical jazz.
Formed in Dublin, Ireland, in 2011, PHISQA escapes the traditional way in which, to date, Peruvian rhythms with jazz have been mixed. "Cote" Calmet -composer, conductor and drummer - explains:

I tried to address Peruvian music, endeavouring to use another method of fusion with jazz. I used a lot of the concepts of John Coltrane by trying to open the solo sections and make way for spontaneity to be created. I have also avoided having a Cajon or other native instrument next to the drum set, so I can transpose all those rhythms on drums alone. PHISQA explores the richness of Afro-Peruvian and Andean music but with traditional jazz instruments: saxophone, guitar, drums, piano and double bass. That way we can fuse Peruvian rhythms with the newest contemporary jazz and fusion.

More About this Artist

“PHISQA serves up a fresh new brew of Jazz, Afro-Peruvian and Andrea Music!”
Richie Zellon Guitarist, composer and writer for “Jazz Improv”
“SUPER!! This is the way to the next step for the Fusion of Peruvian Music with Jazz”.
Oscar Stangaro Grammy award 2001 with Paquito D Rivera Quintet

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