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The irrepressible spirit of Brazil comes cascading forth when Ricardo Herz picks up his fiddle.

Like the mandolin virtuoso Hamilton De Holanda, he’s created a dramatic new frame for his instrument that embraces the whole spectrum of Brazilian music. He’s at home with bossa, samba and baile funk, the grooves that dominate the teeming cities of Rio and his native Sao Paolo, but also draws deep on it less celebrated traditions, like the rootsy rabeca fiddle tradition, found in the forro music from Bahia in the northeast. He spent a decade in Paris where he was a protégé of the great French violinist Didier Lockwood, and that deep immersion in jazz brings some dramatic improvisations into his freewheeling approach.

More About this Artist

Full of sensitivity and virtuosity, lyricism and swing, Ricardo Herz is putting the record straight in the history of popular violin in Brazil.
Hamilton de Holanda

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