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Bollani takes the stage to learn something every night and “because it is cheaper than paying a psychoanalyst.”

He’ s constantly searching stimulations everywhere, in all the music of the past but most of all he’ s exploring the present, the moment being, improvising alongside great artists like his noble mentor Enrico Rava, Richard Galliano, Bill Frisell, Paul Motian, Chick Corea, Hamilton de Holanda. With the same spirit he’ s infiltrating inside symphony orchestras such as the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, the Scala in Milan and the Orchestre National de Paris, being taken by the hand by directors brave and enthusiastic such as Riccardo Chailly, Krjstian Jarvi, Daniel Harding.

Since 12 years, along with bassist Jesper Bodilsen and drummer Morten Lund, he is seeking a way to transmit to the public the same fun they experience whenever the voices of their instruments meet. He celebrates the song-form alongside Caetano Veloso and Hector Zazou but also with renowned compatriots such as Irene Grandi, Fabio Concato, Elio e le Storie Tese.

Everything is always made to communicate joy. Joy in spite of everything, as the title of his recent work for ECM says, borrowing a phrase from the great Tom Robbins.

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