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Tongue Bundle, a Dublin based septet/octet, achieve a uique sound which could be described as an irreverent form of funk, abrasive at times but with a large emphasis on humour; or what they call "papal funk with a jazz arse." The band came together in late 2009, with a shared love of music like Captain Beefheart, John Zorn, Primus, Frank Zappa and George Clinton's mothership of funk to name a few.

They have recorded their debut album 'Bungee Untold' following the E.P “Salty Language,” both of which were self-released under their own (Unbend Leg Out) label. The EP is a five song adventure from pop flavoured funk stompers (Schleepface, That is a Thick Cake), by way of the aggressive and strange (Bubble in the Lung, Biscuit Holiday) to a trip through Miles Davisesque free jazz, funk grooves and noise (Use “Dilettante” in a Sentence). Their album continues in this fantastic fashion throwing some ska inspired energy to the mix.

Tongue Bundle have been playing uncompromising and exciting performances around Dublin and beyond for over two years, building up a small but enthusiastic following. Recent gigs include supporting US supergroup "Rudder," Knockanstockan Festival and the Dublin "Jazz is...." festival. All the while thriving in sordid little grief holes around Dublin.

Tongue Bundle has a funk hammer and your back door WILL be smashed in by it.

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Like stepping inside the closed cell doors of a sanitorium and spending an evening with Franz Zappa, Madness and Parliament, you've been told you can leave whenever you want, but you're not sure if this is a lie or not.
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