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Musicians Wellbeing

During this unexpected time, it is even more important to keep ourselves busy to keep our minds healthy. In these unprecedented circumstances, let’s frame this in a positive light.

This is an opportunity, for example, to focus on all of those things that you may have put on the long finger. All of those someday/maybe projects. Its helpful for us to all share resources with each other in this period.
You could finally learn to use that free production software you’ve been looking at, watch documentaries, explore vast archives of music, create those killer playlists, catch up on some reading, watch YouTube tutorials, or learn to dance!

We know that many musicians also teach as part of their career. Some of you are teaching online via Skype or Zoom. If you want to share tips and tricks for this method, please let us know and we can add it here also.

Below are a list of resources we hope will come in very useful over the coming weeks. We will update this as often as we can. If you have a suggestion please email production[at}improvisedmusic[dot}.ie