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Updating Your Online Presence during the COVID-19 crisis

Since many of us are at home during the COVID-19 situation, musicians may be looking for something to do or ways to keep busy and think towards the future. One thing which you might like to do in this time is update the online presence for you or your band. IMC have a number of Resource Articles that might be of use, such as;

1. EPK. Is your Electronic Press Kit up-to-date and does it represent you well? You can read our resource article on creating a good EPK for musicians HERE.

2. Tech Rider. Do you have a good Tech Rider available on your website? A good rider can make everything simpler when booking your band, and help limit nasty surprises. Read our Resource Article on creating a Tech Rider HERE.

3. Social Media. Is your social media up-to-date and does it represent you well? Read our tips on social media for musicians HERE which includes some things you can revisit. 

4. IMC’s Artist Profile Pages. Established Irish artists in the fields of jazz, improvised and world music can be added to the Explore Artists section on our website, which is a reference for many international organisations interested in Irish artists. Please fill out the form HERE, and if suitable, we will do your best to add your profile to our website as soon as we can.  

5. Tips for recording or streaming live performances - some good advice for sharing live performance online or recording for future reference - having a live performance video is an important part of any EPK!