OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS Q&A with Ronan Guilfoyle, Tudo Bem!

Ronan Guilfoyle is a major figure on the Irish jazz scene and has developed an international reputation as a performer, teacher and composer. He began his career with Louis Stewart's group in the early 1980's he has toured with his own groups extensively in Europe, Asia, and North America, and is now the Director of DCU's Centre for Jazz Performance. With his group Tudo Bem! Ronan explores the music of Brazil, performing at this month's Signal Series, this Thursday 3rd October at Arthur's, doors 9pm. We spoke to Ronan about his love for Brazilian music, music's power to connect, and the need to support live music. – posted

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OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS Q&A with Jack Talty, Raelach Records

We spoke to Jack Talty of Raelach Records, ahead of Raelach's presentation at the National Association of Record Labels Ireland (NARLI)'s Annual General Music on October 11th. The NARLI Annual General Music brings to the table Ireland’s leading independent record labels for a real-time musical discourse about where music is at in this country. Right now. Each record company will be represented in live performance, with their music and their images speaking on their behalf, in a discussion chaired by Kenneth Killeen, artistic director of the Improvised Music Company. – posted

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OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS Q&A with Jennifer McMahon

Ahead of her performance with the Jennifer McMahon Quartet at Signal Series on Thursday 3rd October at Arthur's, Dublin singer-songwriter Jennifer McMahon shared her ideas about the power and vulnerability of performing, creative projects in soundscapes, and finding more personal relationships with audience in a globalised world.

Straddling the boarders of jazz, soul and folk, Jennifer McMahon is a singer, songwriter and producer from Dublin. Inspired lyrically by life experiences, compositionally by exploration and jazz- inspired harmonies aswell as more conceptual ideas; Jennifer’s music has become a cross over of genres bringing drama through jazz, improvisation through soundscapes with a touch of soul for good measure, all the while retaining the storytelling importance of folk music. At the heart of Jennifer’s music is the human experience; living it, witnessing it and sharing it: the light in the dark, the beauty in sadness, the turbulence in stillness. Absorbed with the juxtapositions of life’s extremities, Jennifer’s music is an aural oneness of opposites. – posted

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OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS Q&A with Conall Lee, Arthur’s Blues & Jazz Club

For its autumn season, IMC's monthly double-header the Signal Series moves to Arthur's Blues & Jazz Club, the major home of jazz in Dublin. Opening the season on the 5th September is a reflection on the role of the piano, with two very different variations on the piano trio from F-JoB and the Joe O'Callaghan Trio, encompassing some of Ireland's finest improvising musicians. Ahead of the move, we chatted to Arthur's venue manager and programmer Conall Lee about programming in the Irish scene, and the place Arthur's occupies. Conall also runs Crossroads Music, promoting jazz, blues and roots music in Ireland. – posted

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Europe Jazz Network announces Zenith Award for emerging artists awarded at IMC’s 12 Points Festival

Europe Jazz Network (EJN) and 12 Points festival are thrilled to announce Zenith, a new Award for excellence and innovation in emerging artists that will be awarded annually at 12 Points, complementing the existing EJN Awards for “Adventurous Programming” and “Music & Community”. – posted

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Ahead of their performance at the Signal Series at Arthur's on Thursday 5th September, the three members of F-JoB shared their thoughts with us on inspiration, the fate of the future, As individual artists, the three members of F-JoB have been at the forefront of several of the most artistically and commercially successful projects in creative Irish music over the last fifteen years. For the past year, the three have been developing their own sound as a piano trio. With influences from South Indian Carnatic music; they all have a deep interest in the traditions of jazz but are equally adept at interpreting challenging contemporary material; and all have an open-minded, inclusive vision of the music they perform. "One of the freshest voices in Irish jazz and a must-hear for anyone who wants to know where the piano trio is headed in the 21st century." [Irish Times] – posted

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OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS Artist Q&A with Joe O’Callaghan

Limerick’s Joe O’Callaghan is a genuine force in Irish jazz guitar, with extended tasteful lines, contemporary chord shapes and an instinct for rocking out when the need arises. His newest ensemble, the Joe O'Callaghan Trio features pianist Izumi Kimura and bassist Derek Whyte. Ahead of their performance at Signal Series on Thursday 5th September, we spoke to Joe about influences from Zen Buddhism, the openness to create new experiences with each performance and visions of the future. – posted

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OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS Artist Q&A with Zeropunkt

Zeropunkt plays freely improvised expressivist psychedelia tinged with the digressive energies of free jazz and no wave. The trio operates instinctively, without charts, heads, precepts or concepts, in performances that respond directly to the space they find themselves in. Despite a para-generic approach, their music springs from a deep bedrock, at times recalling the meditativeness of Alice Coltrane, the frenzy of Faust, or the chaos of the Contortions.

Ahead of Zeropunkt's performance at the Fumbally Stables on the 12th of August, Damien Lennon (bass, effects) and Jamie Davis (drums, percussion, saxophone) spoke to us about the power of music in connection, the build-up of experience which inspire music, and the challenges of making purely spontaneous improvised music. – posted

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