Announcing new limited series: Blind Date Jazz

IMC’s new limited series Blind Date Jazz brings listening and creative improvisation into focus, with some of Ireland’s leading improvisers coming into the studio to create an exciting, new, musical conversation.

The twist?

Neither musician has any idea who they are playing with. Unknown, unrehearsed, unplanned and unseen. Not even aware what the other instrument is. In other words, completely blind. – posted

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OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS Q&A with John Walsh, flamenco guitar

Leading Irish flamenco guitarist John Walsh has just released his debut album, Irlanducía, and shared some insights with us about his inspiration from different flamenco artists, the different paths composition can take, the process of fine-tuning different tunes through experimentation, and his thoughts on ‘authenticity’ and what it means. – posted

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Sixteenth Piece: Chris Engel

This last work of this winter season of Piece By Piece, and sixteenth in the series overall, comes from saxophonist Chris Engel on Friday 28th January, 8pm. Chris shared his thoughts with us on the conversational nature of improvisation, expressing ideas through music, and fears for the future of the musical world.

– posted

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Fifteenth Piece: Vicky Langan

This seventh work of this winter season of Piece By Piece, and fifteenth in the series overall, comes from sound artist Vicky Langan, premiering on Friday 22nd January, 8pm. Vicky shared her perspective on the creation of her piece, the meaning of improvisation, and recent livestreams. – posted

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Fourteenth Piece: Chris Guilfoyle

This sixth work of this winter season of Piece By Piece, and fourteenth in the series overall, comes from guitarist Chris Guilfoyle, premiering on Friday 15th January at 8pm. Chris shared thoughts with us on improvisation, collaboration and a changing musical world after COVID-19. – posted

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Thirteenth Piece: Lauren Kinsella

Award winning improvising vocalist and composer Lauren Kinsella – posted

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IMC 2020 Retrospective

It’s been a very long, and strange year, and we’re very grateful for your continued support, so we’ve gathered together some of our Favourite Things below so you can enjoy a selection box of our favourite reading and listening from 2020, to keep your holidays filled with improvised music. – posted

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Twelfth Piece: Jenna Harris

This fourth work of online musical chain Piece by Piece comes from vocalist and electronics composer Jenna Harris on Friday 18th December.
Jenna shared reflections on creating her work for Piece by Piece with us, which was influenced by thoughts around the isolation of the elderly during COVID, the climate crisis, and a different way of looking at the pieces which have gone before her in the series. – posted

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