Ahead of his performance at Signal Series, on Thursday 7th November, Sligo-born guitarist Mike Nielsen and head of TU Dublin's Jazz Performance spoke to us about his approach to music-making. Described by the press as “one of Europe’s most distinctive and iconoclastic guitar voices, equally innovative on electric and acoustic guitars,', Mike Nielsen pioneered TU Dublin's Masters in Jazz Performance, tutors with the Sligo International Summer School and has given workshops at Berklee and the New School. – posted

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OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS Q&A with Darragh Hennessy

Pianist and organist Darragh Hennessy has been active over the last few years as a sideman on the Dublin jazz scene, but takes on the role of leader/composer in the Darragh Hennessy Organ Trio. Their debut album Duchenne Smile was released in 2019, consisting of mostly original material written by Darragh with the organ trio in mind. Their groovy tunes are reminiscent of Blue Note era organ players such as Jimmy Smith and more contemporary players like Larry Goldings.

We chatted to Darragh about the inspirations of being a musician in the present day, making music that speaks to people, and the joys of playing original music. The Darragh Hennessy Organ Trio performs at the final Signal Series of 2019, Thursday 7th November at Arthur's Blues & Jazz Club. – posted

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OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS Q&A with Aengus Hackett, guitarist

Galway guitarist Aengus Hackett graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam, and has studied with such leading guitarists as Jesse Van Ruller and Wayne Krantz. Hackett has performed with legendary USA pianist Bertha Hope, and Irish stalwarts, including Mike Nielsen and Conor Guilfoyle. We chatted to him about inspiration, collaboration and the future ahead of his performance with Mike Nielsen at the last Signal Series of 2019, taking place on the 7th November at Arthur's Blues & Jazz Club. – posted

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‘Restless Islands’ awarded funding by Beyond Borders scheme

IMC is delighted that ‘Restless Islands’, a new jazz sextet presented by Ronan Guilfoyle and Improvised Music Company has been awarded funding under the Beyond Borders scheme. The work will be performed in 5 shows across Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, expressing a continued need for cultural partnerships between Ireland and Britain. – posted

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Other Side of the Tracks: Q&A with Garrett Sholdice of Ergodos Label

Garrett Sholdice is composer, producer and musician and holds a PhD in music composition from the University for York (UK). He runs the Ergodos Label with Benedict Schlepper-Connolly. – posted

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OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS Q&A with Ronan Guilfoyle, Tudo Bem!

Ronan Guilfoyle is a major figure on the Irish jazz scene and has developed an international reputation as a performer, teacher and composer. He began his career with Louis Stewart's group in the early 1980's he has toured with his own groups extensively in Europe, Asia, and North America, and is now the Director of DCU's Centre for Jazz Performance. With his group Tudo Bem! Ronan explores the music of Brazil, performing at this month's Signal Series, this Thursday 3rd October at Arthur's, doors 9pm. We spoke to Ronan about his love for Brazilian music, music's power to connect, and the need to support live music. – posted

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OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS Q&A with Jack Talty, Raelach Records

We spoke to Jack Talty of Raelach Records, ahead of Raelach's presentation at the National Association of Record Labels Ireland (NARLI)'s Annual General Music on October 11th. The NARLI Annual General Music brings to the table Ireland’s leading independent record labels for a real-time musical discourse about where music is at in this country. Right now. Each record company will be represented in live performance, with their music and their images speaking on their behalf, in a discussion chaired by Kenneth Killeen, artistic director of the Improvised Music Company. – posted

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OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS Q&A with Jennifer McMahon

Ahead of her performance with the Jennifer McMahon Quartet at Signal Series on Thursday 3rd October at Arthur's, Dublin singer-songwriter Jennifer McMahon shared her ideas about the power and vulnerability of performing, creative projects in soundscapes, and finding more personal relationships with audience in a globalised world.

Straddling the boarders of jazz, soul and folk, Jennifer McMahon is a singer, songwriter and producer from Dublin. Inspired lyrically by life experiences, compositionally by exploration and jazz- inspired harmonies aswell as more conceptual ideas; Jennifer’s music has become a cross over of genres bringing drama through jazz, improvisation through soundscapes with a touch of soul for good measure, all the while retaining the storytelling importance of folk music. At the heart of Jennifer’s music is the human experience; living it, witnessing it and sharing it: the light in the dark, the beauty in sadness, the turbulence in stillness. Absorbed with the juxtapositions of life’s extremities, Jennifer’s music is an aural oneness of opposites. – posted

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