Artist Q&A with DJackulate

Recent victor of the ‘Clash of the Titans’ world freestyle championship in Berlin, Dublin born and based multi-instrumentalist, turntablist and sample artist DJackulate (aka Jack Dempsey Mc Mahon) will join forces with H-ci (aka Shane O’Donovan) to present a unique collaboration at SPECTRUM 2019, 10th March at The Workman's Club. Ahead of the gig, we chatted to Jack about music, inspiration and life.

Q. What motivates you, as an artist, to create music?

Eh...I don't really know! 
It's interesting to see what gets my goose bumps going from year to year as a listener, but it always changes, so can't pin it down. Same is true as an artist.
The joy playing music brings me and the amazing and inspirational people it introduces me to, are the main reasons I keep doing it. 

Q. Who or what inspires you at the moment - be it in music, arts, politics or your personal life?

Over the last couple of 8 years I have been mad into learning traditional Irish music.

One brilliant side effect of this was how it opened my ears to how much musical skill and incredible technical & expressive talent there is all over Ireland, in all the places I never looked before!

At the moment I get the most inspiration from my peers and people I play with. No joke! The "Community Skratch Games" in Galway every Easter, really opened my eyes to how you don't need to look far for inspiration.

I have met so many insanely talented humans, dogs and turntable musicians there.

It has been a constant reality check, and great for kicking me up the hole and reminding me there is always so much room for improvement.

Q. You’ve had great recent success winning the Clash of the Titans Scratch Battle, has that experience given you ideas or influences going forward?

Now, that was most unexpected!

Such a terrifying selection of turtablists to face off with.

I was surprised to have even qualified.

I knew going into that battle that I could do a little damage.....but I was not going over there thinking I could win.

That kind of "show us what you can do in 60 seconds" format doesn't usually appeal to me, but I do really love improvising and the build up had me practicing like a mad man, which is rarely a bad thing.

What the win showed me?

That I can trust myself during improvisational tornadoes, to practice more and to breath.

Q. Are you working on anything new at the moment? What’s next for you?

I probably have to defend that title, so that will grab a chunk of my attention.

Working on releasing an album this year!

Right now though, I am working on a new OKO album with the guys.

I'm also looking to set up a few collaboration projects with drummers. I have the very sexy Jeff Ballard on board, and hopefully (depending on how well our gig goes) start an improvised old-school rave band containing me & Shane O'Donovan.

I want to try expose more people the sonic possibilities and beauty of the instrument I play.


Thanks Jack!
Catch DJackulate, in collaboration with H-ci, and support from Margie Jean Lewis on Sunday 10th March at The Workman's Club, Doors 8pm. Tickets HERE

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