Five before Live Q&A with Barry O’ Halpin - Alarmist

Alarmist are one of Dublin's most exciting live acts, and their blend of experimental rock, jazz, math and electronic elements has found them an international fanbase. Currently in the midst of recording their second full-length album, Alarmist present a quasi orchestral approach that allows their music to hover in its own instrumental space, gravitationally pulled toward a rock aesthetic but constantly implying other philosophies. Ahead of Alarmist's performance in Spectrum, 9th March at The Grand Social, we chatted to Barry O' Halpin of Alarmist about their influences, upcoming releases, and the special place of live music in a world saturated with digital entertainment. 


Q. What motivates you as an artist, to create music?

Just a desire to create new things and play music together.

Q. Who or what inspires you at the moment - be it in music, arts, politics or your lives?

Some recent acts that we've been listening to and have maybe influenced us include Andy Shauf, Kneebody, Broadcast and Disasterpeace.

Q. How do you think Alarmist has developed recently? Has being a trio changed things a lot from your work as a quartet?

We've had to change things around a little in our live show which has sometimes been challenging but its also made us take a fresh look at things.

Over recent years our writing processes have evolved. We have less time to just write music in a room together, so we do a lot more individual composing and demoing outside the bandroom.

Once we bring in ideas and work on them together there's usually a collaborative approach to structure and arrangement.

Q. Are you working on new things at the moment? What’s next for Alarmist?

We're currently just putting the finishing touches to our second LP which will be out in the near future. We've also got some live dates lined up in Belgium in April and we're looking to plan more nice gigs over the rest of the year.

Q. What direction do you see the music industry headed towards in the next 20 years?

We'd like to think the importance and popularity of live music will grow as people look for alternatives to the current digital entertainment over-saturation. 

Also an inevitable resurgence of rap-rock music at some stage in the near future.


Thanks Barry!

Catch Barry and Alarmist Saturday 9th March at The Grand Social, doors 8pm, alongside Finnish virtuosi Magnetia Orkesteri. Tickets HERE, book soon to avoid disappointment! 



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