Five Before Live Q&A with Pauli Lyytinen - Magnetia Orkesteri

Pauli Lyytinen's Magnetia Orkesteri, called 'the best Finnish jazz band at the moment' will be coming to Dublin to perform on Saturday 9th March at The Grand Social as part of IMC & Note Production's SPECTRUM Festival 2019. With a sound that could be described as Art Ensemble of Chicago meets Henry Threadgill, this is a fierce and controlled cornucopia of 21st century free jazz meets western chamber music, and one not to be missed. Ahead of the gig, we talked to Pauli about inspiration and the world of music at the moment. 

Q. What motivates you as an artist, to create music?

Epiphany, the moment you come up with something extraordinary. Inexplicable urge to create music and try to find something that is new for me. I'm very happy if I manage to surprise myself. Also, one has to be in constant development as an artist to keep the ball rolling to keep yourself and the audiences happy.

Q. Who or what inspires you at the moment - be it in music, arts, politics or your personal life?

Japanese underground music, Brazilian 70´s experimental pop scene, exciting acoustic environments and well written books. Sounds and rhythms in the nature and urban environments, tropical flora and fauna, especially hairy-nosed otters, underwater wonders, long talks and music listening with friends, wines, delicious food, different cultures and behaviours, hiking in the wilderness.

Q. You work in very diverse ways: playing wind instruments, electronics, composing - what do you think all these different strands bring to the music you create?

Every time I learn to play a new instrument, find an intriguing sound or come up with a fresh compositional idea and manage to put it into practice I feel that my understanding about music expands a bit.

Q. Can you tell us about a seminal experience, project, or encounter that had a significant impact on your career?

There have been many of those in the past but last year I had the chance to travel around the world record with 8 different drummers in 8 different countries while making Elifantree´s sixth album. I got so many different inputs during this project that I'm still totally blown away! New collaborations occurred after these encounters. Last summer Elifantree was in residence recording with a contemporary classical quartet Tölöläb at Our Festival curated by Pekka Kuusisto. With this same project we performed at Esa-Pekka Salonen´s (one of worlds most famous conductors) 60th birthday party at the national opera of Finland and later on I had the chance to perform with the highly respected contemporary classical string quartet Avanti! and world famous classical clarinetist Kari Kriikku. These encounters and projects together with superb classical musicians have been eye-opening and they have brought new opportunities on my career.

Q. What direction do you see the music industry headed towards in the next 20 years?

New music platforms in the web will most probably occure and take over the rest of the market. Only the true old school enthusiasts buy vinyls and cds until it becomes hip yet again. Probably in the future virtual reality, electronic equipments and robots will change partly the way musicians perform. For instance it´s probably gonna be possible to perform on a different continent from your own living room. Electronic and electro-acoustic instruments like playable clothes are gonna expand the possibilities of music playing and performing.


Thanks Pauli! 

Catch Pauli and Magnetia Orkesteri along with Irish math-rock trio Alarmist at The Grand Social, Saturday 9th March 8pm. Tickets on sale HERE

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