Note from Irish Jazz: John Daly, Limerick Jazz

In our Notes from Irish Jazz series, we're shining a light on some of the people who create the jazz scene around Ireland! To give us an insight into jazz in Limerick, we chatted to drummer John Daly, founder and director of the Limerick Jazz Festival, which is approaching its 40th anniversary in 2022. 

John studied at Berklee College of Music Boston in 1979. He teaches and plays drums professionally in Limerick as well as touring when the need arises. John is chair of Limerick Jazz Society and a long-standing member of the society’s House Trio, working with a variety of Irish and international stars. He also plays and records with the Modern Irish Quartet. This February, IMC and The Ark had the pleasure of working with John, Limerick Jazz and some fantastic musicians in Limerick to create a new series of our Fun Size Jazz engaging jazz concerts for younger audiences, which you can read more about HERE


Q1. How would you describe the jazz scene in Limerick at the moment?

Due to this virus obviously everything has stopped, but Limerick Jazz has 4 scheduled gigs from visiting artists as well as our improv classes, so I would say healthy.

Q2. What is your favourite thing about programming jazz in Limerick?

Definitely meeting the musicians, setting up new connections, and sometimes getting to collaborate and play with them.

Q3. In an ideal world, what do you think would be one thing which would make a big difference to the jazz scene? 

I would like to see a better funding structure in place solely for jazz musicians. And definitely more opportunities and venues to facilitate the growing numbers of young musicians now emerging on to the scene. 

Q4. Could you name some of your favourite artists/tracks with Limerick connections?

Joe O' Callaghan, David O' Rourke, Bryan Meehan, Andreas Varady, Paul Dunlea.

Thanks John! 

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