OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS: Forró music with Namangaia

Performing at Hotter than July this Sunday 28th July, Forró Namangaia is a Dublin-based Brazilian quintet formed in 2015, who promise to bring you on a musical trip through forró rhythm across the globe in an elegant and innovative form, featuring rich cultural elements harmonies driven by powerful rhythmical and typical influence from Brazil. Percussionist and vocalist Marcio Tarkatarov brought us through a little primer on forró music for the curious and confused. 

Marcio tells us that ‘Forró comes from the North-East of the country, but now all of Brazil loves forró.’ A theory is that forró originally developed in the songs sung by farmers at work, with people then coming together to make music at the end of the day. Originally involving instruments like the guitar, triangle and rebec (a type of fiddle), the accordion, which is now an important part of the ensemble, joined in forró due to French immigration to Brazil in the nineteenth century. 

Encompassing music and dance, a key part of forró is its emphasis on rhythm, Marcio tells us. ‘Forró has different styles of rhythm - xote [a slower-paced rhythm], baião [the original style of forró] and arrasta-pé [the fastest style].’ Originally spreading from the north-east with internal migration, forró is now a huge part of Brazilian culture, a part of life from childhood. Marcio says: ‘In Brazil, you grow up listening to this genre, and you learn how to love, play and dance forró.’

The word forró may have come from ‘forrobodó’, meaning a ‘great party’ or ‘commotion’, sounds like a very good place to come from! The style was so popular that you could conceivably use ‘going to the forró’, to simply mean ‘going to a party’ or ‘going out’ - we’re seeing some Irish parallels there - ‘going on the sesh’, anyone? 

In Namangaia, the members of course bring their own backgrounds and experience to the stage, Marcio mentions that ‘We’re musicians from all different styles of bands…’ 

What sort of influences tend to come through with them? 

‘Rock, reggae, samba, jazz…’ Exciting!

Get a taste of the party atmosphere with forró music in Namangaia’s unique style this Sunday 28th July at #HotterthanJuly2019! They’ll be performing at 4:10pm on our stage in Smithfield Square. See you there!


Thanks for the education Marcio! 

Listen to Forró Namangaia here:

Have a listen to some more forró music here: 

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