OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS Q&A with Conall Lee, Arthur’s Blues & Jazz Club

For its autumn season, IMC's monthly double-header the Signal Series moves to Arthur's Blues & Jazz Club, the major home of jazz in Dublin. Opening the season on the 5th September is a reflection on the role of the piano, with two very different variations on the piano trio from F-JoB and the Joe O'Callaghan Trio, encompassing some of Ireland's finest improvising musicians. Ahead of the move, we chatted to Arthur's venue manager and programmer Conall Lee about programming in the Irish scene, and the place Arthur's occupies. Conall also runs Crossroads Music, promoting jazz, blues and roots music in Ireland.

Q. What’s your favourite thing about programming music in the Irish scene?

Finding acts who are passionate and believe in their music and discovering musicians who try to keep alive the older style genres. 

Q. What role do you think Arthur's plays in the Irish jazz scene? 

Being a venue that caters for all the sub-genres of jazz and tries to host all the top national & international acts. It lets younger irish jazz acts have a venue to aspire to play in. 

Q. What changes would you like to see in the Irish music scene?

Quality over quantity

Q. What would you like audiences to understand about the gigs they attend/live music they hear?

The process of all the work musicians do behind the scenes to get their music here to be heard.  

Q. What do you think is important for musicians to consider as they share their work?

Important to consider who and where they are sharing it with... Those who know the genre don't need as much info, those that don't tend need the details communicated better to know what the music is and what it’s about. And it always helps to have high-quality footage.


Thanks Conall!

The autumn season of the Signal Series begins with:

F-JoB | Joe O'Callaghan Trio
Thursday 5th September, Doors 9pm/Music 9:15pm
Arthur's Blues & Jazz Club, Thomas Street, Dublin 8.
Tickets only €10 online/€12 at the door.

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