One of Ireland's most respected drummers, Seán Carpio is currently recording a new duo record with Irish bassist, guitarist and composer Simon Jermyn, a staple Brooklyn NY creative music scene for the past 7 years. At Signal Series March, you'll get to hear the fruits of their labour firsthand with original music that weaves contemporary composition and extended improvisations across a panoply of instrumentation. Ahead of their performance, Seán chatted with us about inspirations behind the duo and how their careers have led them to this point.  

Q. What is the most important thing to you when making music?

Well, the only consistent part of our careers has been that they haven't been very consistent, so I guess diversity must be the most important thing?

Q. What inspired this duo project?

We've been close friends and colleagues within our own groups, and many other collaborative projects for almost twenty years now. Throughout that time we've often discussed how, and what we could do as a duo. We've arrived at a point where we've each amassed a broad array of experiences and types of music that we'd like to let all spill out in one recording.

Q. How do you think your past experiences are feeding into the music you're creating now?

Well, as above, we've tried many things throughout our careers from genres, formats and instrumentation. These days we like to let them all feed into whatever it is we're doing.

Q. In your ideal gig, what experience/response would the audience have?

That they turn up!

Q. What direction do you see the music industry headed towards in the next 20 years?

In all directions at once, all formats welcome.


Thanks Seán!

Catch Seán Carpio & Simon Jermyn in duo live at
Signal Series
Thursday 5th March
, doors 8:30pm/Music 9pm
Arthur's Blues & Jazz Club, Thomas Street
Tickets: €10 online/€12 door available HERE

Listen to some tracks that have inspired Sean and Simon here. 

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