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IMC has developed strategic partnerships with regional arts centres to support a musician in residence programme in venues outside of Dublin.

We want to work with valued arts centres that may not traditionally have a developed audience for jazz, improvised or ethnic music, or an established Musician Residence programme.

Goals of the Navigator Music Residencies

  • Provide space for artists to develop work with the support of an established promoter / producer Improvised Music Company (IMC).
  • Provide a platform for artist and community interaction through a venue established in a local community.
  • Progress artists careers via artist mobility, community engagement, artform and audience development.

We want to enable artists to develop their artistic work via a 10 day residency over a 2-3 month period. Improvised Music Company will work directly with both the artist and the arts centre to create a bespoke programme of activity which develops new work, new interactions, new collaborations, while also deepening the artists sense of place and space through an experience which is ultimately reflected in new outputs. We propose one such activity with regional arts centres in collaboration with IMC.

  • The opportunity to engage in meaningful artistic and artform development, working closely with IMC, an established, strategically funded music organisation with over 25 years experiences promoting, producing and developing artists in the field of jazz, improvised and world music.
  • Your venue as a hub of creative activity.
  • Making creative use of your space while dark (or alternative spaces in the venue) to allow artists to develop work.
  • Opportunity for the Artist to engage with your audience, local musicians, other artforms and local community groups.
  • A holistic way to broaden and develop your audience.
  • We will explore opportunities for residency output, be it through performance, recording or video documentation.

  • 5-6 days of the residency specifically for artist exploration, development and rehearsal.
  • Delivery of small, integrated performances where possible (solo, and/ or collaboration with local artists) during the residency period.
  • Artists will be encouraged to self-document their process (through video, photos and writing) for promotion of the residency and reporting.
  • Possible workshop or interaction with local schools or community focused organisations.
  • Potential to record performance as ‘live session’ for release as audio or video.

  • A meaningful way to introduce a local audience to an artist and their process and potentially a genre.
  • A way for the audience to engage with the creative process of music-making and feel a certain local ‘ownership’ of the outcomes.
    IMC will work closely with the venue Artistic Director to explore the best ways for the artist to engage with the local audience, including local musicians and schools, care homes or any other setting that they may be interested in exploring some work with.
  • Audience development is a long term, slow moving process, therefore, we believe a residency programme such as this, can have more value than a single concert and serves to develop audiences over time where the audience has not yet built a relationship with the artist, or appreciation of the genre.

If you are interested in the Navigator Music Residency programme please email us at

We can assist with programming or promotional support in relation to a wide range of jazz artists based in Ireland, and can offer introductions to our peer organisations abroad. Please email us at if you would like to discuss anything in this line with us.

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