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Learn more about the jazz scene in Ireland, some exciting projects and concepts, and possibilities for collaboration with Ireland's organisations and our export bureau.

IMC has a 30-year history of dynamic, innovative programming and high-quality production, with an annual programme that includes our award winning 12 Points Festival and several other key brands. We have a long list of successful international partnerships, and are active on the Board of the Europe Jazz Network.

Dive in and discover what IMC and the Irish Jazz scene has to offer.

An introduction to Improvised Music Company and the Irish Jazz Scene

Learn more about Down With Jazz, a playful programme package from Ireland for your Club or Festival.

Down with Jazz – A playful programme package from Ireland for your club or festival

Improvised Music Company Ready-to-Export work

IMC’s series Blind Date Jazz brings listening and creative improvisation into focus, with some of Ireland’s leading improvisers coming into the studio to create an exciting, new, musical conversation.

The twist? Neither musician has any idea who they are playing with.

Hidden from each other by a curtain until mid-way through the performance, Blind Date Jazz is an exploration in listening, intuition, skill and spontaneity.

Learn more about the Blind Date Jazz series.

Blind Date Jazz was featured in Edinburgh Jazz Festival’s online programme in 2021 and is highly suitable for online or live festivals.

In 2019-20, IMC became a partner in the European collaborative project Jazz Connective, with seven organizations sharing artists, resources, information and best practices towards a strong future for jazz across Europe. IMC hosted and programmed the December Jazz Connective with a 2-day programme of performances and panel discussions at Dublin’s Project Arts Centre. Due to IMC’s partnership, Irish artists also featured at Jazz Connective events in 5 European cities and online.

Learn more about the Jazz Connective partnership.

In April and May 2020 Improvised Music Company and Triskel Arts Centre in Cork came together together to host a weekly sequence of online solo performances called Piece By Piece featuring newly-commissioned works from leading Irish improvisers. Each artist’s input performance would influence or inspire the next performance in this musical chain. Piece by piece, artists created new improvised work, based on the preceding work. The work which these artists created was beyond anything we had imagined, embracing a digital medium and the work of the other artists to create an interconnected musical story of the world in lockdown.

Watch the whole series on our Youtube channel now, and learn more about the artists' thought processes.

The Piece by Piece concept is highly suitable for international collaboration or connection, live or online.

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