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Album cover collage listings june 22

6 recent releases we're enjoying this month

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Calm Down

The uplifting and inspiring music of ZASKA produced in support of advocacy organizations like MASI, Masc, Irish Refugee Council, and Doras.

Aoife Doyle

Infinitely Clear

"One of the most eagerly awaited albums... and it doesn't disappoint. It's right up there with anything I have heard this year." Linley Hamilton

Big Brothers

For Tommy

An EP dedicated to Tommy Davitt - a patient, encouraging, and inspirational drum teacher. Enjoy the energy and vibrancy of the music produced by the Big Brothers.

Adam Nolan

Listen to me Now

Based on the fluid approach to modern free jazz with a message that challenges the listener to think about what they truly want in life.

Rodrigo Almonte


DISTANCIA is the representation of my musical journey throughout the years, from my life growing up in Peru, through my adventures in Brazil all the way to my experiences in Europe and New York, more importantly here in my new homeland, Ireland.

Ríona Sally Hartman

Seed & Bloom

Double A-side inspired by thinking about speech and language

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