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Joe O'Callaghan and guest host Matthias Winkler on IMC's Creative About Music Podcast

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IMC’s director Kenneth Kileen and guest host Matthew Winkler caught up with jazz guitarist Joe O’Callaghan.

Matthew is a Dublin-based guitarist and has been running a YouTube channel with a series called Dublin Guitar Duets, and Joe - who was mostly self-taught guitar - has played with many leading Irish and international jazz musicians.

Joe O’Callaghan is a genuine force in Irish jazz guitar, his playing characterised by extended tasteful lines, contemporary chord shapes and an instinct for rocking out when the need arises. A leading figure in the scene, Joe has performed with Irish and international jazz musicians including Ronan Guilfoyle, Louis Stewart, Richie Buckley, Michael Buckley, Honor Heffernans, Dave Liebman, Tom Rainey, & Nils Wogram.

Throughout their conversation, Joe talks about how his journey as a guitarist began. Although his father was a part-time musician and his uncle was a drummer who was very interested in jazz music, Joe initially had no interest in guitar. He mentions the pivotal moment in his life which encouraged him to pursue guitar and led him to become an influential and genuine force in Irish jazz guitar.

Joe speaks about the major influencers in his life that opened up the world of jazz and guitar for him and also gets into what helped him find his individual and independent sound. He talks about the change in music and the evolution of jazz over the years. People now don’t have as much definition about what the music is – there are now many influences from all cultures and its become more difficult to define as one entity. Joe makes capitvating points about how jazz has become a meta-genre as there is now much more assimilation.

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