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Interland Series

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and restrictions on international travel, Interland 2020 was unfortunately postponed, but will return with a variety of European partners in 2023.

What is Interland Series?

Through the collaborative support of Culture Ireland and Creative Scotland, IMC worked with Jazz From Scotland to professionally present the respective scenes of Ireland and Scotland jazzahead! In 2018.

This action was the basis for dialogue around providing a sustainable model for bilateral touring between Irish and European artists, with a variety of partner countries in 2023/24. In 2023 IMC and Jazz From Scotland will create 2 performances opportunities for emerging Irish and European artists in the form of double-bills. It will involve 2 Irish and 2 European artists, each presenting one concert in Ireland and one in the partner country.

Why are we doing it?

Through our organisational exchanges, IMC and our European partners have committed to developing grassroots export opportunities to accelerate the development and performance opportunities of our respective talent, while providing international talent to our respective jazz audiences.

Jazz scenes in many European countries face similar issues around performance opportunities, lack of guaranteed remuneration for artists' work and a lack of dedicated infrastructures to sustain the work. This makes it difficult for some artists to reach the export stage with many musicians performing only locally or nationally.

What it means for you

2023 will feature a number of bilateral performance/export opportunities for Irish and Irish-based musicians.

How to get involved

If you are interested in being involved and performing in the events in 2023/24, please let us know by emailing admin [at] improvised music [dot] ie. Be sure to mention Interland Series in the subject line. If you have worked with, or would like to work with, any European musicians in a way which might be of interest to this collaboration, please also let us know.

What we are able to do

As a pilot scheme, this collaboration will initially involve a very small number of bands in two double-bill gigs. The acts chosen will be curated in line with IMC’s artistic strategy and equality policy. Your act may not be suitable for a particular programme, however we still encourage you to get in touch as we may be able to pass your programme on to an appropriate platform.

Our goals

We will have been successful if we have produced a number of concerts each featuring a double-header of one Irish and one European act, and created similar opportunities in Europe alongside our partners. We will also consider it a success if we have created an opportunity for a similar set-up in the future, and developed dialogues for bilateral exchange.

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