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Signal Series

What is Singal Series?

Paused in 2020/21 due to COVID-19, Signal Series is a monthly double-header of the best established and emerging jazz talent from across Ireland.

Why are we doing it?

Our goal is to present a national platform for the best in Irish jazz from across Ireland on a monthly basis, and a quality offering for new and existing jazz fans.

While the lack of a dedicated jazz venue in Ireland remains a perennial issue, we are committed to hosting regular performance opportunities for Irish artists, and doing what we can to support other regular jazz sessions.

Apply to be a potential act.

We created this application form to help us collate all potential acts, in one place, from across the country, so that the programming is diverse, inclusive and ‘all-island’.

What it means for you

Signal Series is a performance slot where IMC provides a platform for your music. Each event features 2 ensembles, each playing a 50 minute set. There is a performance guarantee of €120 per musician (up to a maximum ensemble of 6 persons), and for bands coming from outside of Dublin, assistance with travel costs will be provided. IMC takes care of marketing, backline, technical aspects and works with you on promotion.

With a dedicated promotional campaign for each concert we intend to raise your profile, celebrate your work and build excitement around the music you are creating. We will invite Irish venue and festival programmers and directors to each night in the series to maximise exposure for your music, and encourage future booking opportunities. Later in 2021 we intend to live-stream the concerts and promote the series to our colleagues in Europe Jazz Network (EJN) and Jazz Promotion Network UK & Ireland (JPN).

How to get involved

Expression of Interest online form.

This form helps us consider your act for The Signal Series (and also for our other programming!) and gives us your most up-to-date information and music to hand to pass along to our colleagues across Irish festivals like Cork, Bray, Galway, Derry, Limerick and Belfast. We get regular calls from the general public looking to book artists for private functions and this will be our go-to list in making recommendations for these inquiries also.

Your support at the series, and for your fellow musicians is much appreciated. Our new ‘Performer Promo’ ticket discounts (available through the Musicians Newsletter) make Signal Series more accessible for you.

What we are unable to do

We cannot guarantee a slot to every band that applies, however, we will reply to you within 14 working days and let you know if you have/have not been chosen. Please understand that IMC’s core programming policy with Signal Series is for a geographically & stylistically diverse gender-balanced double bill each month.

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