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SPECTRUM has temporarily been paused but is expected to return in 2023.

What is Spectrum?

SPECTRUM presents a diverse programme of music that flows through the prism of the jazz approach; its output a miscellany of sound, covering the full spectrum where jazz, contemporary, rock and electronic music collide, with focus on the live and improvised.

Why we're doing it

SPECTRUM presents ‘creative music for curious ears’ - a diverse range of music, often related only in its creativity and improvisatory elements.

Artists and audiences who might never otherwise come together do so at SPECTRUM. It brings some incredible international performers to Irish audiences and provides a platform for experimental improvised music.

What is means for you

SPECTRUM provides a performance opportunity for 2-4 Irish ensembles annually, with guaranteed fees in accordance with our programming policies. It is also a chance to hear cutting-edge international artists and possibly develop collaborations, and to develop new audiences, at the front edge of experimental music.

How to get involved

Let us know if you are interested in performing at SPECTRUM by emailing us at Be sure to put SPECTRUM in the subject line.

SPECTRUM is an event that appeals to a diverse musically discerning audience, and is a performance opportunity for experimental music which might be difficult to place in a more mainstream context. See programmes from previous years to get an idea of the types of music which have been popular with SPECTRUM audiences, from intense free jazz, to math rock, to blends with contemporary classical and folk music.

What we are unable to do

Spectrum is a carefully curated festival with a mix of top international and Irish artists, in ratios that vary from year to year. Your act may not be suitable for the programme in a particular year, however we still encourage you to get in touch as we may be able to pass your programme on to an appropriate platform.

Our Goals

We will have been successful in 2023 if we have delivered a high-quality event featuring top quality and diverse music from international and Irish artists, and have engaged new audiences with music that might be unfamiliar to them.

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