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12 Points Plus - Gothenburg, Sweden

Three great 12 Points Plus artists at Club Nefertiti in downtown Gothenburg.

Donkey Monkey are two independent and creative spirits in this duo of French pianist Eve Risser and Japanese drummer Yuko Oshima. The donkey monkey is an unpredictable, mischief making creature that sometimes breaks into song and likes to subvert jazz convention, and its especially fond of stride piano grooves and big beats from the Japanese rock scene.

Solo artist Mari Kvien Brunvoll creates music which straddles jazz, electro pop and accoustic blues, making use of loops and pedals, as well as zithers and thumb pianos to add detail to her intimate, soulful soundworld.

British band trioVD are confrontational, uninhibited and clever, their use of volatile materials is invigorating and their demonic humour is catching.

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