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"Hipp’s thoughtful compositions search out new spaces and new grooves. And, with the excellent rhythm section egging them on, Hipp and Comerford prove themselves capable of that elusive sound of surprise."
- Cormac Larkin, Irish Times

A E R I E is a quintet lead by German saxophonist Ingo Hipp. He founded the band in 2013 and they have since played over 40 concerts around Europe.
The band will be on tour - launching their new album 'hatch and host' (Neuklang Records) - from Oct-Dec 2016

Although the instrumentation is that of a typical jazz quintet - saxophones, guitar, bass and drums - the group strive to avoid the clichés of modern jazz, always searching for a fresh take on forms and structures as well as instrumental functionality.
It is lively in the *aerie so expect the unexpected: crazy flights, elegant sails, diligent hunting, always checking for limits. A E R I E creates exciting modern jazz, connecting written material and improvisation with rock and jazz grooves. Structures are expanded and melted down, to be put together again in a fresh way.
Live, A E R I E continues to catch audiences by constantly varying the shape of their music.

*nest of an eagle or large bird of prey

"... there is a wildness contained in them that is always entertaining. A freedom that they can head in any direction and vary in speed or form... a bright and fast moving album that has many surprises along the way."
- No More Workshorse

"extremely multi-layered music, but the sounds created by the winding paths of the notes never lose their ability to fly."
- Franz X.A. Zipperer, JAZZ'N'MORE

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