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Aka Moon

Eight years ago, the groundbreaking and virtuosic Belgian trio AKA Moon played one of the earliest Pendulum gigs, and their continuous process of reinvention and renewal has not flagged in the interim. They’re back in Dublin to play Fabrizio Cassol’s music for Alain Platel’s VSPRS at The International Dance Festival Ireland, another landmark in a collaborative approach that has yielded twelve albums, with artists as diverse as Indian classical virtuoso U.K. Sivaraman, Senegalese percussion master Doudou n’Diaye Rose, The Brussels Opera and hip hop collective Grazzhoppa.

The common denominator has been an enlightened and hightly evolved understanding of rhythm, a constant in the everchanging and unique soundworld that saxophonist Fabrizio Cassol, electric bassist Michel Hatzigeorgiou and drummer Stephane Galland have created. Beyond definition by genre, they are quite simply, an extraordinary group.

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