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SPECTRUM Alarmist | Magnetia Orkesteri

Saturday night at SPECTRUM is an double header of two thrilling live bands, one from Ireland, one from Finland, but both whose musicians have trod the the 12 Points stage, with all the freshness and originality that this festival programme denotes.

As the name implies, intense musical magnetism is the driving force for multi award winning Finnish saxophonist Pauli Lyytinen’s quartet Magnetia Orkesteri. Lyytinen is THE current Finnish jazz musician to follow if woodwinds are your penchant, and even if they are not.

With his Magnetia Orkesteri he has assembled four of the best Finnish jazz musicians working today. Three of them have performed at 12 Points with their own equally impressive ensembles. Celebrated trumpeter, Verneri Pohjola with Ilmiliekki, bassist Eero Tikkanen with crowd favourites Mopo and Lyytinen with avant pop trio Elifantree. Pohjola himself has been described as one of the most original artists of his generation, while Lyytinen is a recent winner of the Ted Curson prize at the Pori Jazz Festival.

With a sound that could be described as Art Ensemble of Chicago meets Henry Threadgill, this is a fierce and controlled cornucopia of 21st century free jazz meets western chamber music, with Lyytinen’s tightly woven compositions creating a framework for these four equally strong free spirits to perform intensely personal music.

Its music with attitude and bite music that alternatively grooves, slips and slides, driven earnestly by a rhythm section that underpins some extraordinary trumpet saxophone interplay before u-turning in typically chameleonesque fashion. Almost a definition of 21st century music, this 4-piece expertly compiles all of the harmonic and rhythmic grammar of 100 plus years of jazz to create something entirely new, magnetically linked to the indie avant garde scenes of the 60’s and 70’s but rooted in the now.

"There’s definitely something that connects Chicago to Northern Europe in terms of this particular blend, and it’s a damn good one" - The Wire

Alarmist are one of Dublin's most exciting live acts, and their blend of experimental rock, jazz, math and electronic elements has found them an international fanbase. Currently in the midst of recording their second full-length album, Alarmist present a quasi orchestral approach that allows their music to hover in its own instrumental space, gravitationally pulled toward a rock aesthetic but constantly implying other philosophies.

Their music contains both frenetic energy, playful melodicism and constant experimentation blending a sophisticated palette of sounds.

Read more about the full SPECTRUM Programme HERE

Please Note: This venue is not seated, this is a show intended to be experienced while standing, and moving! Audience members with particular needs can make themselves known to staff for accommodation.

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They use their instruments of rock in ways that incorporate jazz, electronic and truly experimental textures to create something unlike the standard. Alarmist’s music spins and pivots in motion and colour...
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