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Ballake Sissoko,Driss El Maloumi,Rajery- Celbridge

Ballake Sissoko, Driss El Maloumi, Rajery

Ballake Sissoko – kora/Driss El Maloumi – oud/Rajery - valiha

Any one of these musicians would have been a fine conclusion to our 2008 salon concerts, but to host all three together could be something very special, for they’re each stars of African music in their own right. Mali’s Ballake Sissoko is a master of the kora, the intoxicating 21 stringed harp that is central to West Africa’s unique culture of the griot musician and storyteller. From the Maghreb comes Morocco’s Driss el Maloumi, whose nickname “the oud magician”, accurately conveys his mastery of the lute like instrument that’s so broodily evocative of life in the Arabic world. From far out in the Indian Ocean, comes Rajery, under whose hands the zither-like valiha, the national instrument of his native Madagascar, sings brightly. Together they've found effortless common ground where west, north and east Africa converge in an uplifting string symphony.

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Tickets for each of these intimate salon concerts are free but limited and are awarded by lottery. Please visit to apply online.

The Salon Music Series is curated and produced by the Improvised Music Company on behalf of the Office of Public Works.

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