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Bennink, Moore & Holshouser Belfast

Predicting the outcome when these three musicians come together would be folly, but given the breadth of their individual contributions to creative music, its reasonable to assume that the road ahead will be less travelled and all the more entertaining for it.

Holland’s Han Bennink is among Europe’s most important musicians, and has been willfully defying categorization for over forty years. In the early 60’s he swung hard with Dexter Gordon, Wes Mongomery and Sonny Rollins, but by the end of the decade had co-founded the Instant Composers Pool (ICP), the group of iconoclasts that established Amsterdam as the heart of free jazz in Europe. ICP remains a potent force, and Californian clarinetist Michael Moore has been among its freewheeling membership since moving to Holland in the 80’s, a relocation that would also yield the much loved Clusone Trio, the tempestuous but very musically rewarding partnership between Moore, Bennink and the unique Dutch cellist Ernst Reijseger.Keeping this exalted company is New Yorker Will Holshouser , a downtown musician who explores the world of sonic possiblity within the bellows of the accordion, and can be heard in diverse contexts from Dave Douglas and Maria Schneider to Antony & The Johnsons

So, drums, clarinet and an accordion. An unlikely lineup that demonstrates the jazz maxim that the specific nature of the instrumentation always takes a back seat to creativity, first and foremost. That there will be a plentiful supply of that precious commodity is a prediction we can live with.

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