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Black/ Arguelles / Guilfoyle- RTS Tour

Black / Arguelles/ Guilfoyle

Tempus fugit, and its eight years since this stellar international trio played two blistering sets in JJs that were subsequently released as Live in Dublin on the adventurous Italian label Auand. “By turns scorching and lyrical, sweet and sour, this is a tour de force of saxophone trio playing.” is how the Sunday Tribune felt on its release. Certainly, in this instrumental format where the bar is set high, Julian Argüelles, Ronan Guilfoyle and Jim Black add something substantial to the tenor/bass/drums continuum. Whatever the occasion, English saxophonist Julian Argüelles mines a rich seam that yields music that is always creative, always personal, and his innate lyricism is contrasted here with the inspired devilment of US drummer Jim Black, that master of the unexpected. Irish bassist Ronan Guilfoyle is likely in his most conducive environment here, adopting the role of provocateur, cracking the rhythmic whip and not averse to dropping the occasional bomb as taste decrees. It’s intense, and fun to boot, with a free wheeling spontaneity in both groove and melody as the trio romp over standards, originals, wherever the creative appetite takes them.

This tour is funded by the Improvised Music Company's 'Regional Touring Scheme' (RTS) awards

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