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Build a percussion instrument with Ed Devane at Hotter than July online

What do food tins, rubber bands, rice and hair pins have in common?

They can be combined to make a percussion instrument in minutes!

Join sound artist and instrument builder Ed Devane for a percussion instrument making workshop as part of Hotter Than July and turn everyday items into noise makers that can click, clack, shake, rattle and pop. This workshop is suitable for approximately ages 5-10, but children should have adult supervision.

Materials you'll need in advance of this workshop:

Container - food tin / drinks bottle / small box etc

Bits n pieces - you don't need everything from this list, but these are the sorts of things you'll need. rubber bands, hair pins / paper clips / wire etc., rice / sugar / pebbles etc., kebab skewers, thread, beads, sellotape / electrical tape / gaffer tape etc., scissors, paper

For 2020, Hotter than July is moving to an online space, celebrating inclusivity and diversity with music, dance and creativity that is accessible to everyone from home! Hotter than July is an annual celebration of the cultural diversity within our city through music and dance from around the world, supported by Dublin City Council.

Please note: This is a free event, but as there is limited space, please be very sure that you can attend the workshop before signing up! If you are making instruments together with family, only one ticket is needed per household.

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