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Build a string instrument with Ed Devane at Hotter than July online!

Stringed instruments come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and play a key role in traditional music from many cultures. Lutes and zithers are the main categories, and many stringed instruments have components and structural requirements in common. Join sound artist and instrument builder Ed Devane for an online workshop for Hotter Than July. You'll take a deep dive into practical instrument building using everyday materials, where broad concerns such as physical forces, playability, aesthetics and craft will be discussed and applied.

This workshop is suitable for ages 10+, and adults are welcome!

Materials you should have in advance of the workshop are as follows:

string - this can be an actual instrument string, or fishing line, rubber bands, thread, wire etc. that can be tensioned without breaking.

container - that will act as a resonator to make the sound of the strings louder. Cardboard boxes, thick plastic containers, wine boxes etc. Anything strong and hollow.

assorted other parts and tools - you don't need everything on this list but these are the sorts of things you'll need - we can improvise with whatever's at hand though. kebab skewers / wooden dowel / matchsticks, short wood screws, broom handle / pallet plank / wood that might seem of a useful size, sheet cardboard, wood glue / superglue / hot glue, scissors, pliers, saw if using wood, pencil, paper.

For 2020, Hotter than July is moving to an online space, celebrating inclusivity and diversity with music, dance and creativity that is accessible to everyone from home! Hotter than July is an annual celebration of the cultural diversity within our city through music and dance from around the world, supported by Dublin City Council.

Please note: This is a free event, but as there is limited space, please be very sure that you can attend the workshop before signing up! If you are making instruments together with family, only one ticket is needed per household.

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